A Necessary Introduction

Assuming I actually end up using this blog, I’d like everybody to start here. I say “everybody”, as if this thing will actually garner any interest. I told you I was pretentious. 


Getting back to it, I want to make it very apparent that this won’t be coherent, no will it have any actual structure. When something’s on my mind that I can’t shake, I’ll rant about it in a post, and that’ll be the end of it. 

That being said, there may come a time where I write something interesting. Perhaps I’ll include some sort of designation in the title. I’m a writer (not really, but I like to write, so sue me) and from time to time I may just hop on and write up whatever’s on my mind. It’ll all be copyrighted, of course (again, I’m full of it, but whatever, I’m no good anyway), so I wouldn’t advise copying my brilliance (ha).

Another important detail to stress is that I welcome opposing views and a fair bit of debate. I fully believe that life would be completely and utterly boring without some form of friction. Let us remember that without conflict, there is no story, and without a story, all we have is a piece of informative text. Now, I’m no fan of ignorance, but I rarely pick up a book that lacks a story.

I suppose, for now, that’s all I have to say. This thing will either fill up at a decent pace, or I’ll never touch it again. Only time will tell.

I need a sign-off, something neat to end my posts with - something pretentious preferably. I’ll use the next few posts to work on one, see what fits. 

Until next time, wayfarers of an unsure existence.

Kill me.